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    ◢  Blåhval og Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Øst-Kinahavet Fisheries Research Institute co-build
    "Blue Whale energispar fiskegarn forskningssenter". 

     Blue Whale has built science and technology cooperative relationships with Zhejiang Ocean University,
    Ocean Research Institute in University of Tokyo, JAPAN and other institutes. Also, we have hired renowned
    specialists as consultants to lay a solid technological foundation for the company's innovation.

     Blue Whale har fått patent resultater, grunnleggende ferdigheter og gjort en rekke gjennombrudd på over 10 proprietære
    immaterielle rettigheter i de aspektene av produksjon og bearbeiding av energisparende fiskegarn, materialtesting og utstyr.

     The series of energy-saving fishing net for marine fishing that our company develops has covered all coastal provinces
    and cities in China and even exported to America, Europe and other South East Asia countries and areas. The series of energy-saving
    fishing net for marine culture has been widely used in net cages of deep water, traditional net cages and purse seine aquaculture.

     Our company has a powerful science and technology research team and constantly develops and transforms the technological results
    of new materials for fishing,relying on the scientific ability of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute. 

     Our company has undertaken and completed over 10 national scientific programs and accumulated abundant practical and theoretical
    experience of developing and producing PE material in fishing industry. The fishing products that our company has developed provide a
    long-term supply for offshore fishing, net cage and aquaculture, enjoying a great reputation among the majority of users.

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